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April 22, 2009


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Matt Icardi

Hey so I follow your blog kind of and there's some great stuff here :). I'm Matt, I'm a friend of Haylee and Kelsey Linduff (just thought I'd introduce myself so you don't think I'm some stranger stalking you haha) Anyway, I visited Jax yesterday because I'm looking at UNF and got to check out Access. All that to say, I missed meeting ya because you were in Orlando, but Kelsey did a good job :P So, about your blog....I think that is probably why bodies of believers are not as strong as in the early Church because the early believers could not just pack up and say, "Nah this church isn't for me. I'm going to the one down the street." It probably forced them to confront their issues, or if it didn't at least Paul was their to help straighten them out :)

Jason Baker

Ok let's say I'm new in town. What is the biblical way to find a church?


We'll need to meet up soon. Thanks for following the blog. I hope you'll choose UNF...Northeast Florida is great place to grow as a Christ-follower.

As always, the answer will take a while. I would first ask the person why they moved to the new city. Did the Christ-follower hear God tell them to move, or did they make the decision for themselves? I know...that's a can of worms there. I would then say that looking for a church looks less like a trip to the mall and more like a soldier looking for a commander. We should look for a church that challenges us to be the hands and feet of Jesus to and for the world. We should look for a church that demands we take up our cross and follow Jesus into mission. We should look for a church that leads and guides us deeper into what it means to be a Christ-follower, that makes disciples and executes justice for the transformation of the world. If these are not the things that we are compelled to do, then our relationship with Christ will remain about us...not about Jesus, not about community, not about the Kingdom...all about us.

If that is not what someone is looking for when they say they wanna be a part of a church, then I would ask them if they really wanna be the church. Because it can be argued that spectators look for churches, Christ-followers look for people that they can BE the church with.

Comments? Disagreements?

Matt Icardi

Thanks Derrick, that'd be cool! Ya, UNF is nice!

Connie Brian

Very interesting perspective. :)

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